Formed in 2001 In a short period of time, this solo artist has accomplished a lot. From playing cover tunes at various venues through Vancouver, to writing and recording all original material, this (mostly)solo artist has done it all.
Chris originally was formally educated as a Classical and Jazz musician, before turning to Rock and Alternative music as his primary forms of expression. He has played in a few bands including 'Red Die # 5', and 'White Boys', along with others. Accomplishments include winning a 'battle of the bands' contest locally. Chris is sure to gain rapid exposure with the release of their first album, and a live show that is likened to some of the most significant bands today. Chris writes melodic and introspective music based on life's experiences, and his own moods, and influences.

MANY THANKS: Chris would like to thank: Wayne and all the staff at Creative Intelligence for all the great ideas, and for putting up wieh me through all hours of the night, all at the Firefighters club Mike and Steve who have had to put up with a lot of shit (Actually this is just a ploy for the next project) Rob and staff at L&M music 'R' for that kickass Taylor Acoustic Ron Granholm for putting up with me RiverMaya MCR Fuel and Filter for the inspiration Mom, Dad and the love of my life, Esther

INFLUENCES: Chris' influences include a wide variety of Music, from Classical Music, Jazz, Blues, to Rock, Alternative, and Heavy Metal. He is influenced by a number of artists such as Jeff Beck, Rhandy Rhodes, Van Halen, Filter, hot hot heat, and many more.

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